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What to consider when hiring a moving company

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What to consider when hiring a moving company
  1. Recommendations from people you trust
    Friends and loved ones are more reliable than Google when starting your moving company search. Reach out to a few people who have used moving companies and ask about their experiences and recommendations.
  2. Good reviews
    Once you have names of few moving companies that you would like to consider, use online reviews to learn more about their services. Clients generally leave both good and bad reviews about their experiences with the moving company they used. Read through the reviews and narrow down your search.
  3. A successful track record
    It is always advisable to consider a moving company that has been in operation for quite some time compared to a new one. This is because of the experience these companies have in helping you move smoothly.
  4. License and insurance
    Always use a moving company that is licensed and insured. This is because anyone can rent a truck and brand themselves movers, but those officially licensed and insured are legally bound to protect your property.
  5. Transparent rates
    Call the movers you have narrowed your search to and inquire about their rates. Some base their rates on the number of hours they will take while others base their rates on the number of movers you will likely need from them. Compare the different rates and narrow further your list.
  6. A good fit for your individual needs
    Moves differ. Consider hiring a moving company that can accommodate all your things. For example, inquire whether the company can provide additional packing supplies as needed, such as extra pacing boxes, and whether they are available in a time window that meets your needs(convenience).

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